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Smoking black tar heroin

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Smoking black tar heroin, the form of heroin found on the west coast and south of the US and in Mexico, requires a special technique. This is the standard one used by many people.

Helpful infosheet on smoking tar

How to do it

  1. Make a tooter using an old Bic pen or similar -- bust out the end + the insides and you have a nice smoking tube. Don't use a straw, as it will burn and you don't want to smoke plastic. Smoking H is bad enough as it is, you crazy fuck
  2. Make a foil square that's about 6"x6"
  3. Flatten it out using the edge of a table
  4. Crease the foil, and then open again (some crease it diagonally, to make it easier to hold)
  5. Place small blob in the crease, near the top
  6. Hold foil at an angle, with the blob side raised higher
  7. Light 2-3" beneath the foil (possibly further) and move flame around gently
  8. Watch for the slightest bit of smoking or bubbling. When you see this, pull the flame away slightly and inhale very gently ABOVE the tar (inside the crease and above it -- the smoke will drift up the crease if you do it right, containing it somewhat and making it really easy to smoke up)
  9. Let it run down the crease slowly, keeping the flame/heat steady
  10. Hold in the precious smoke for 10-15 seconds. Enjoy a nice feeling of happiness and well-being spreading throughout your sweet young body
  11. Continue until the trail is exhausted. You can go back over it and sometimes get a few hits, but otherwise, shit's cashed, gangsta
  12. Some people eat the ash afterward (called 'yen pox') because trace amounts of morphine are known to be left over in opium after vaporizing it, and the same is probably true of heroin

Now you've smoked heroin! GJ buddy! You've joined the ranks of crazy motherfuckers everywhere.

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