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Poppy tea

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Poppy tea is a delicious opiate-containing beverage made from poppy pods. It is a cousin to the somewhat less delicious, less potent but more available poppy seed tea.

There seems to be no reason to make this tea at all considering Pod dust poured into a cup of grapefruit juice is much more effective, may require half the dosage, requires little prep and creation other than grinding, and tastes better seeing as the alkaloids are still in the powder and not released into the liquid making it super bitter and instead is only slightly bitter. The only reason there could be to create poppy tea is so you dont have to ingest powder, and maybe sterilize the pods for ingestion. Other than that it is lengthy, more difficult than the aforementioned, requires more tools, inefficient, and many tea teks spread the knowledge to boil, causing degradation of the alkaloids.


Basic recipe


  • 2 golf-ball-sized pods (if you have no tolerance -- up to 5 to start if you are a regular, serious opiate user)
  • 1.5 cups water per pod
  • Lemon juice (optional)
  • Honey or sugar (optional)
  • Coffee grinder
  • Straining device (fine-meshed strainer you can get at the grocery store; french press coffee maker (best); coffee filter; cheesecloth; old t-shirt; tights; etc etc etc)


  1. Grind pods in coffee grinder as fine as you can. You can also use a blender with a little bit of water. Mortar and pestle are not advised unless you have a very large pestle and a lot of forearm strength. Average grinding time: 2 min.
  2. Place grinds in a large container.
  3. Heat water (1.5 cups per pod) to 90 degrees C. This is just under boiling. Don't let the water boil or it'll break down the alkaloids. It's always better to err on the side of caution. Cold brews work just fine -- they just take longer and aren't quite as effective.
  4. If you are adding lemon juice or honey/sugar, add it on top of the grinds now. Lemon juice can delay how quickly the high comes on but for most, greatly improves the taste. (Personally I kind of like the taste now, so lately I drink it straight for faster chugging.) A good measure for how much lemon to use to cover the pod taste is to add lemon juice until the mixture is slightly less thick than mud. Honey is a good addition if you're very new to it and don't handle bitter tastes well, or if you want to indoctrinate a friend. Sugar doesn't go nearly as well, but gets the job done.
  5. Pour the hot (not boiling) water into the container -- do not pour the pod grinds into the container in which you heated the water, and especially don't do this and then continue to boil. The extraction does not require you to continuously boil, and it will result in a much, much weaker extraction if you do.
  6. Cover and let steep (sit) with the grinds for a minimum of 30 minutes. Stir occasionally for a stronger brew. At the end of a steep, some people will pour the tea into a container that you can shake easily without leakage -- this improves the extraction.
  7. Strain the tea through your fine-meshed strainer, french press, coffee filter, etc. Press the grinds to be sure you get out all the liquid, and save them to use for a second brewing. One great thing about using a french press is that not only is there no mess or difficulty straining, but the grounds also stay in any undrunk brew to steep even longer, ensuring a stronger brew. A must-have for any serious poppy tea enthusiast.
  8. Grip 'n' sip. It can be served hot or cold, depending on your preference. Note that the faster you consume your beverage, the more intense the "peak" of the high will be, whereas the longer you take to drink it, the longer and more mellow the experience will be. (Cold/room temp tea can go down your throat a lot faster, but hot tea is probably more enjoyable/less disgusting.) Due to morphine's low lipid solubility, it takes a long while for it to enter your system, and you may find that even after 2 hours the effects are still increasing. If you take poppy tea in the morning and are sensitive to the opiate feeling, you should still have analgesia and slight euphoria when your head hits the pillow that night.
  9. When finished, you should make a second batch with a third to a half of the water. This is a good test of your extraction skill: if this second batch is pretty potent, you're doing something wrong (probably need to add more water or let it steep longer). The second time through should taste pretty much like water. Some people eat their grinds at the very end -- this will maximize your alkaloid intake.

Method 2: Supplies

  • Acetic Anhydride

(find a source)

  • Jumbo Poppy Pods (100) - $100

(find a source)

  • Hydrated Lime (4lb) - $6

Note: DO NOT use pelletized lime. The only type of lime that will work is POWDERED hydrated lime.

  • PH Meter - $20


  • Milligram scale - $40


  • Coffee grinder - $20


  • Citric Acid (4oz) -$10



  1. Grind pods. You should grind to as fine a consistency as possible with your grinding apparatus.
  2. Mix water and ground pods in a 5ml:1g ratio in a large pot.
  3. Heat to just short of boiling.
  4. Insert your pH meter, and add hydrated lime to adjust to as close to pH 11.9 as possible.
  5. Remove from heat and let sit for two hours.
  6. Filter out all undissolved organic matter.
  7. Heat solution to just short of boiling again, add table salt to adjust to pH 9.1.
  8. Remove from heat and let cool. Let solution sit for two hours, by which time the morphine in the solution should have precipitated out of solution to the bottom of the pot. Filter out the solid morphine, and discard the liquid.
  9. Let the morphine out to dry. You will want to dry it for a long time, enough for all the water to fully evaporate. Don't half-ass this step, Acetic Anhydride is very reactive with water.
  10. Preheat your oven to 175 deg F.
  11. Put your morphine in a sturdy metal bowl. Add just enough AA to make it slightly moist.
  12. Cover the bowl in foil making sure it is well sealed. Place in the oven.
  13. Wait for the AA to evaporate. After 30 minutes or so lightly check the smell of the product. Just a quick sniff is all you need; do not inhale the vapors. If it smells of vinegar, there is still too much AA. Put it back in the oven and check again every 5-10 min until the smell of vinegar is very faint or non-existant.
  14. Transfer your product back into a pot. Add a VERY small amount of citric acid (just a pinch, depends on how much you are cooking. Not enough is better than too much) and just enough water for the product to dissolve fully.
  15. Gently simmer and stir with a metal spoon or stirrer.
  16. Let this solution evaporate for a few days. You will be left with pure Heroin Citrate no.4 powder. Enjoy.


Poppy tea keeps in the fridge for about a week. You can add a shot of alcohol to preserve it for the long haul, if you want. (Note: use vodka or gin; if you use something like whiskey, you'll taste it and it doesn't mix well.) You can also keep it at room temp for about 2 days, maybe even 3. I'd recommend a lot of lemon and possibly the alcohol if you're going that long, though.


  • This shit tastes terrible. What can I do?

Adding lemon juice will tend to make the bitter taste more bearable. Some people will also add sugar or honey, but you may find you end up with something that tastes even worse afterward. If the taste is still too bad, try sucking on a piece of candy or lollipop while you drink the tea. In between sips the candy should clear out the poppy taste. Over time you'll come to love the taste of poppies.

  • I'm not getting high, pods are shit.

This could be caused by a lot of things. Pods vary a lot in potency, for example, so maybe you need more pods. But if you've just started making tea, it's probably the preparation that's at fault. The most likely problem is that you didn't use enough water. You should be using about a cup of water per pod. Also, the pods need to be ground very finely. If there are still large chunks, the extraction is not going to work very well. Finally, boiling the water is a no-no for poppy tea; people make perfectly potent tea with room temperature water, but something about the temperature you use for a shower is probably a better idea.

  • Where do I find these things?

Floral stores may have them. Ebay has recently stopped listing poppy pods, so start looking. Don't expect your first batch to be great, there is a lot of variation in potency between different vendors. Expect to pay about a dollar per large pod.

  • Coffee filters are getting messy, how else can I filter it?

A French press is your best bet. You can use them to steep, filter, and store tea. Plus, it's very easy to do a second rinse if you want.

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