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Oxycodone is a semi-synthetic opioid, synthesized from the opiate thebaine. It was first synthesized in 1916 in a German laboratory in an attempt to discover "better" opiates to replace morphine, heroin, and codeine. The most common formulations of oxycodone are in combination with acetaminophen/other NSAIDS (Percocets, Combunox), or by itself (Roxicodone, OC/OP.)

An instant release, five milligram oxycodone pill.



Bioavailability as per routes of administration:

  • Oral - 60-87% - Takes anywhere between 20-45 minutes for the come up. For typical (non-time-release) oxycodone, peak plasma levels are achieved in approximately one hour - so be patient you fucking junkie.
  • Insufflation ~ 46% - The come up is usually between 0-10 minutes.

Snorting oxycodone results in a faster come up then oral resulting in somewhat of a "rush" effect, but this is very mild if noticeable at all. The only pills you can snort are pills containing ONLY oxycodone and not a mixture of oxycodone + APAP.

  • Rectal - 60-87% - The come up on rectal administration is somewhere in between snorting and taking orally, but with a stronger rush than the latter. The best choice for pills with APAP.
  • IV - 100% Intravenous injection of oxycodone is dangerous and not recommended unless you have good experience, and high tolerance to opiates. Shooting pills is dangerous because of all the fillers pharmaceutical companies put in them to prevent abuse.

Unless you have a wheel filter do not attempt to shoot pills as this can cause severe vein and artery damage and possibly death.


Dosage varies greatly from person to person and those with tolerance.

  • Oral - Someone with 0 opiate tolerance can take a starting dose of 15mg oral for a pleasant high, or take 25mg orally for a great high, possibly followed by nodding.
  • Insufflation - New users who wish to insufflate their oxycodone can start at 20mg, if this doesn't get you to Feels good man you can bump 5-10mg until you get where you want to be. Note that some formulations of oxycodone (Percocet, Endocet, Roxicet, etc) contain acetaminophen and should not be snorted - stick to oral or plugging with these.
  • Smoking - Smoking instant-release pills is possible, although it is generally looked down upon where they are expensive. Where there is a booming pain clinic economy, many users chase the dragon with the 30mg pills which produces a short and intense high. This is not recommended: it wastes most of the drug, is short-acting, and turns you into a completely broke junkie. This should not be attempted with the new "OP" formulation of OxyContin. (User note: The new "OP" formulation can be smoked but they don't run very well.)

If you have a tolerance to opioids it is harder to give accurate measurements of dosing as someone can require 30mg to 300 mg to get high.

Guide to "OP" Imprint Oxycotin

As everyone knows ER Oxycotin has changed their time release matrix to the "TIMERx" Extended Release system. Endo Pharmacuticals says this about the TIMERx system: "TIMERx tablets contain xanthan and locust bean gum. When swallowed, these components become a tight, thick gel which slowly releases oxymorphone into the patient's system. This allows for steady, gradual dosing. It also makes it nearly impossible to use Opana ER intravenously. When water is added to the powdered tablet, it becomes a needle-clogging gel which cannot be drawn up into a syringe or injected into a vein."

Well there's good news! There has been a few developments in the front on defeating the TIMERx matrix. I will show you ways on how to prepare these for intranasal use, IV use, and oral use (turning these into instant release).

"The Quick Microwave Method"

This is a photo guide graciously made by "Z" off the board /opi/. Takes about 15-20 minutes to do it correctly, and causes minimal alkaloid loss.

A great photo guide made by user "Z" from /opi/.
Quick photo guide on how to prepare OP Oxy for insufflation with a microwave.


Although the IV bioavailability is 13-40% higher than oral, it should be noted that it does not provide any sort of rush.

Some users on /Opi/ have found that using Acetyl L-Carnitine can increase the bioavailability of Oxycodone while insufflated. Break a caplet of Acetyl L-Carnitine, which can be found at any store with a vitamin section. Put a drop of water on your finger tip and gently lower the droplet onto the mound of powder until it starts to absorb it. Then, take the droplet to your nostril and insufflate that, it may burn a little but not much. After doing this 2-3 times per nostril, wait 20-25 minutes to allow it to bind. Then, insufflate your oxycodone as you normally would, and report your results to /opi/, some users have claimed it has nearly doubled their feelsgoodman and it's worth a try.

Do NOT insufflate any mixture of Oxycodone and APAP, this will kill your nose.

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