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Opana Alcohol Extraction

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Opana Isopropyl Alcohol Extraction

  • Read through completely before attempting!


2 - 1ml Insulin Syringes

1 - Bottle Isopropyl Alcohol (Important: Must be at least 90% abv.)

1 - Bottle H2O (Or any other clean water source)

2 - Large spoons

2 - Cotton Swabs

1 - Heat Source (Candle or Electric stovetop)

1- Opana

  • Note: The amount of solvent (alcohol/h2o)used for this prep were used for (1) 20mg pill. You may need to adjust more/less depending on how much OM you are planning on extracting, but prepping smaller amounts is preferable for maximum extraction. If you are using multiple pills, conduct multiple extractions. I have yet to see one of the 40's so i'm not sure how much bigger they are than the 20's but the amount of solvent needed shouldn't too much more.

The Process:

1. Scrape coating off of the pill. Do not wet it, you do not want saliva/water anywhere near the pill at this point.

2. Crush pill finely on a sheet of paper.

3. Transfer 4-5ml of Alcohol from the bottle to one of your spoons.

4. Add opana powder to spoon.

5. Stir vigorously for a few minutes, I used an orange needle cap, but anything small and hard will do. Stir as long as you can stand to do it. At least a few minutes, there will be a noticeable amount of particulate collected at the bottom of the spoon, but stir the alc until it gets cloudy and stops getting any more opaque.

6. Wet your cotton filter in the alcohol from the bottle, stick it on the tip of your syringe, and begin to draw up the solution, transferring this solution to the other spoon. You will have to do this multiple times, but the iso will begin to evaporate almost immediate so it will not be as much as you originally put in the spoon.

7. Once the alcohol solution is transferred, repeat the process again with another mL or so of alcohol to extract more OM from the solute. Once you have removed all the alcohol you should have a noticeably reduced pile of grainy sludge left over.

8. Take your alcohol solution and hold it over your heat source. This step should not be rushed. Take your damn time, you DO NOT want the alcohol to boil, and if you get it too hot you can risk it igniting. An electric stove or candle is preferred to a lighter because you will be heating this for a while. Hold the spoon at least a couple inches over the heat, moving it away if you notice if bubbles/vapors are starting to form. Alcohol boils at around the same temperature that opiates degrade (around 80-90C) so the lower the temp and the slower you do this the better.

9. This step should take at least 5-10 minutes. As the alcohol evaporates, you will notice that a film is starting to form on the spoon as it recedes. This film contains your oxymorphone. Complete the evaporation. Be careful not to let the film bubble/burn when the alcohol is almost gone, but also make sure that the alcohol is all evaporated, as you do not want to put this shit into your veins.

10. Have your second syringe filled all the way with your water in preparation of this step. Once you feel comfortable that the alcohol is gone, unload the water from your rig into the spoon. You may have to add a small amount of additional water, 20-30units, as the film seems to absorb a small amount, and to account for the slight evaporation that occurs with the heating in the next step.

11. Scrape the film off the sides of the spoon, and get it floating and immersed in the water.

12. Stir vigorously, you need to get the OM from the film into the solution. Stir for as long as you can, while moving the spoon on and off your heat source occasionally. Remember to not let it boil, but it is okay to get it hot as it will help the film dissolve. Continue with the step as long as you have the patience for. The film will never completely dissolve, but will break down into continually smaller pieces.

13. Take a fresh cotton, wet it with h2o, and stick it on the end of your second needle. Draw the solution into your rig.

14. This is your final product. Find a nice juicy vein and bang away.


  • Either of the two extraction steps can be repeated to increase your yield or to perform a second wash.
  • The amount of alcohol I have been using has been largely trial and error, but the more you use the better the results seem to be.
  • The slower you heat the alcohol, the better your final product will be. A quick extraction yields a sticky, gloopy "film" that is very hard to break down, but a slower burn off of the alcohol allows the film to develop much more finely and seemingly easier to dissolve. I tested evaporating the alcohol quickly (5-10min) versus slowly (30-40min). The shot from the slow evap. was almost twice as strong as the shot from the quick one. There was a lot of left over particulate after drawing up the solution for the quick burn off, while there was barely anything left in the spoon after the slow one. The more patience you have the better. I ended up putting my stove on low, and propping the spoon over it on a text book, with another over the handle to hold it in place so i didn't have to stand there for forty minutes. If you are going to do this, just make sure to check on it periodically and adjust the height and temp if it seems to be going to fast or unreasonably slow.
  • Some work needs to be done with the step where you are mixing the film with water. Light heating seems to help break it down, but i feel like there is a better technique or an additional solvent that can be squirted into the solution at this point to aid in the break down of the film. However, extra steps also mean extra time, the potential for more fuck ups and loss. However, if you got a bunch to mess around with then go nuts and report on it!
  • The best method of dealing with the film seems to be creating a finer, weaker film through a very slow evaporation of the alcohol. You are shooting for a very thin residue, not a thick, milky skin. The film should look like very thin rings deposited around the edge of your spoon. It should look like rings of residue until you scrape it off the sides, when it's appearance will become more film-like in the water. Do not get discouraged when your alcohol is almost gone and this is all you see left on the spoon, you've done well! A very thin residue means your extraction was good and slow, and your oxymorph will break down extremely well in the water.


This is a lengthy, somewhat time consuming procedure, but if executed with patience it yields a nice strong final product. Through some trial and error and experience it become a lot easier and you really get a feel for the process. Just don't rush it. The first thought that went through my head when i saw the film for the first time was, "wtf is this shit, there is no way this worked," but once i got that shot in me and felt that rush course through my veins it was all worth it.

Good luck and enjoy!

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