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Dexmethylphenidate (Focalin, Novartis), otherwise known as d-threo-methylphenidate (D-TMP), is the dextrorotatory enantiomer of methylphenidate. It is not a commonly prescribed medication because it is fairly new and not often known by doctors. It is available in generic form now and the co-pay is roughly the same as Ritalin (on my insurance at least). The best chance of getting this medication prescribed to you is that you already have been on some sort of stimulant medication for ADD/ADHD and simply ask that you want to know more about it and try it out. A good way to do this would be to complain about the crash you get from what you're one currently; one of Focalins advantages is a less pronounced crash.


Mode of activity

Methylphenidate is a catecholamine reuptake inhibitor that indirectly increases catecholaminergic neurotransmission by inhibiting the dopamine transporter (DAT) and norepinephrine transporter (NET), which are responsible for clearing catecholamines from the synapse, particularly in the striatum and limbic system. Dexmethylphenidate has a chemical structure similar to a family of key brain neurotransmitters called monoamines, which include norepinephrine and dopamine. The increase in dopamine which occurs with the use of this medication can create a sense of euphoria, sometimes causing abuse.

Common uses

Reduce the symptoms of ADHD in both children and adults. It has been shown to ease concentration, avoid distraction, and control behavior. It also has been shown to improve listening skills, organization of tasks, and may help prevent tic disorders. Doctors also may prescribe this if you have narcolepsy or major depression because it is a psychostimulant. Doses available: Focalin IR: 2.5mg, 5mg, 10mg Focalin XR: 5mg, 10mg, 15mg, 20mg, 30mg* Doses prescribed: Children: 10-20mg Adults: 20-40mg

  • 30mg Focalin XR (UPDATE as of 8/30/2015) This mg size is no longer prescribed by psychs/docs. I have looked at multiple websites trying to find a picture of one but it looks like they have all been taken down. If someone were to need 30mg x1 a day dose, they would receive 2 15mg XRs to take x1 a day. So i dont really know how to put up a picture or anything but i totally have 30mg focalin xr prescribed to me in MN. there orange and white capsules with little white "beads" like adderal has. Wrong. I'm in KS and I've been prescribed 30MG XR capsules for 2 and a half years. Whoever told you they stopped prescribing them is lying through their teeth. 40MG is the highest they make in XR, and I know they still prescribe that after recent visits to my psychiatrist.

One interesting fact came out of my research of a study on dexmethylphenidate called "Ef cacy and Safety of Dexmethylphenidate Extended-Release Capsules in Adults with Attention-De cit/Hyperactivity Disorder" was that they tested randomized patients from 20mg XR to 40mg XR (One pill) doses and they considered the 40mg doses safe for therapeutically use. Though the dose was a bit intense for some people so some adverse events occurred but it is to be expected from clinical trials.


It is about twice the strength of Methylphenidate (Ritalin), though some studies show that it is ~70% stronger. Though some would argue it is still weaker than Adderall, especially in duration and type of tweaking you experience, Bioavailability from my research this is what came out (This is true for both Dexmethylphenidate and Methylphenidate):

  • Oral: 11-52%
  • Sublingual: don't know but bypasses the liver so more would be absorbed than oral, a bit more intense then oral and lasts slightly less time
  • Intranasal: ~50-75% (Source for this info is scarce)
  • Rectal: N/A, but high
  • IV: ~90-100%
  • IM: N/A

Intranasal use has higher recreational potential because of the rush it provides and higher amount absorbed. There is not much information about IV or IM use of Focalin, although one could imagine (cough) it is similar to that of cocaine, with a smaller amount of a more MAMP feeling from the Serotonergic action, though. I'd have to go back and double check which isomers, and other chems it's similar to, but definitely not MDMA, or the almost-but-not-quite empathogenic Annie/Crystal, but more the "I am machine gun toting Jesus God, but not the Cocaine HCL kinda God, but the Transcendental Euphoria, no other way to explain feeling kinda god, or I'm at least damn sure I'm one with him..." When mixed with ( YOUR OWN RISK PEOPLE.... ALWAYS START SMALL AND SINGULAR) Annie, or even just some good empathogenics, or at best all 3, it just gives a great extra DAT rush from the release that then get's shoved back into the synapse. (Think about it...)

Rectal use, while a bio availability can't be found (though is most likely around 90-100%), provides the rush of nasal use but more intense and longer, and actually lasts as long as an oral dose (I'd debate that...), and provides a crash that isn't that bad at all (That I wouldn't). Try it out at least. To expand, it is slightly similar to IV, but when mixed with a dose of Annie or some leftovers, and IV'd or rectally rectified(?), it IS amazing; like an IV shot that comes a bit more slowly, feels almost as good, lasts longer, but is just as intense. The reason I'd say it probably doesn't quite last just as long as an oral does is simple; if you have 20mg, and you eat ten, then have your carbon copy of yourself plug 10mg, he's only getting about 15-60% plasma levels, where as other piperidines hit the 90+ percentage range when used rectally. So yes, it will last a lot longer than IV or probably even IM when used rectally at the same dosage, but a drug will last longer the slower it enters your system. Rectally inserting a drug pretty much hit's your blood stream, or at least the metabolic part, all at once. It just doesn't hit FPM so you don't have to worry about that aspect.

Again, you're dealing with a lot of Dopamine here; but when used in more and more immediate ways, and bypassing more metabolic degradation, it seems that Serotonergic effects compound. Further testing would have to be done, but it definitely seems that:

A. When mixed Alcohol (not in vivo, just in a spoon, can, bottle cap, ritualistic chalice) a lot of SODAS(tm) tech seems to break down or be broken down a lot more easily. Obviously MPH and d-TMPH is easily soluble in water but I had an easier time using a mixture that was 30% ethanol... and then also had some Vanilla, though I have also used 120 proof (I believe 45%?) Ethanol (Southern Comfort 120) to the same effect, after diluting and without. The levo-enanitomer obviously doesn't exist in this preperation, as stated elsewhere, so no magic Ethylmethylphenidate. Though let me tell ya; Cocaine/Water/Whiskey when injected was quite interesting.... Never tried it with r-TMP.

B. If you have any Methamphetamine in your bloodstream, or at least in your brain transporting neurotransmitters back into your synapses, then it seems d-TMP not only compounds the inhibition of NET (BIG time, as it has been reported to inhibit at about 4 times than racemic TMP) and DAT, but also does release these Catecholamines, but most importantly, when the Meth is present and directing the re-uptake back into the synapses, all the extra Catecholamines and Serotonin seem to get thrown back in there too. Now, since Meth technically alters the re-uptake transporters and reverses there action, I'm not sure if any of the inhibitory binding affinity for DAT and NET would actually cause some kind of reverse affect of returning to homeostasis, or if it would only bind to unaffected DAT/NET/SAT or affect the normal releasing agents...


  • Alcohol: while racemic methylphenidate produces ethylphenidate, (which everyone seems to misunderstand and have a boner over) this is from the l-mph, which Focalin doesn't have. Hence the reason Focalin is better. However, the presence of alcohol DOES increase blood plasma concentrations of d-mph by up to 40%. They also feel really good together. Care should be taken to keep track of how much you're drinking and how much Focalin you're taking, as they can diminish some of the effects of each other. It still feels good, but can cause you to drink way more than you should. You may therefore find, (after the Focalin wears off) that you're either drunk as hell and blacking out or you've ingested a seriously dangerous amount of alcohol.


Tolerance rises quickly but can also drop pretty quickly if it isn't astronomical. Magnesium supplements taken at the time of dosing should help slow tolerance build up, but not lower it. Using NMDA receptor antagonists like DXM, or Ketamine, based on anecdotal reports, can lower tolerance. One thing to keep in mind is that the sooner you increase your dose the faster tolerance builds, strangely.

For example, if you snort 20 mg at a time, and never went over, your tolerance might rise slowly and it would take a while actually assuming you aren't dosing several times a day. A lot of users report though that if they were to, for example, normally use 20 mg but then jump up to 30 mg or 40 mg on occasion/semi frequently, their tolerance rises quickly to require those doses.

Effects/Routes of Administration


Insufflation or Rectal use, ignoring IV, is the most effective way to get high. The high from nasal use is pretty good but it doesn't last super long. DMPH is more like cocaine than ritalin when compared because that L-MPH is bullshit. It does not have anywhere near the same effect as cocaine, however. A high intranasal dose of DMPH is equivalent to maybe really shitty coke. Maybe. The duration of insufflated dexmethylphenidate is not terribly long. The half-life of the drug is 2-4 hours. Generally, the come up is 10 minutes, you peak at 35 minutes to an hour later, and then you start going towards your crash pretty fast. The entire experience is usually around an hour and fifteen minutes to an hour and forty five minutes.

The crash is pretty bad but not as bad as Ritalin. Still arguably worse than Amphetamines. Benzos/Opiates/Weed can help with the come down, and booze is great but should only be a last resort. If you have none of those available you can still reduce the crash by 25-50% if you force yourself to eat and drink at the start of your high, and again as soon as possible after you start to feel the come-down.

  • Warning: - your nose will not be the most comfortable after insufflating your tweaking material (in this case, DMPH). One of the main reasons why is because one of the binder ingredients used is dextrose, which is sugar. It doesn't taste like sugar but it does leaves your nose running with a sticky substance for a while.


  • Rushing Experience
  • Euphoria
  • Cocaine type qualities can occur (listed below)
  • feeling superior
  • talkative
  • hyperactive
  • alertness/energy
  • positive mood shift
  • clear thinking
  • increased focus/drive/concentration
  • increased creativity (based on anecdotal reports)


  • Tachycardia (overdose)
  • Severe Headache
  • Irritability
  • Loss of concentration, motivation, drive in some
  • Cravings to redose
  • Anorexia (Severe)
  • Depression (depending on dose, it can range from moderate to severe)
  • lack of creativity (based on a report on racemic mph)
  • insomnia 2-3 hours or even longer based on dosage, even after the crash is over.



  • Minimal Crash
  • Clean head high & Provides great focus
  • Positive attitude towards things
  • Physical & Psychological Energy
  • Less/no urge to redose


  • Personality swings (may make some aggressive, some may become more passive)
  • Long comeup period (4 hours to peak) (XR)
  • Decent come up period (45 minutes to peak) (IR)
  • Anorexia


  • Insomnia (it can be bad if you take a lot especially along with the crash)
  • Anorexia (I put this in both categories because some people like the fact that they don

t eat as much but remember to eat, it will make you feel a lot better if you haven t eaten)

  • Nausea (higher doses)
  • Stomach Pain (higher doses)
  • Headache (higher doses)


Basically between oral and nasal. Closer to nasal. Think of it as Oral +


  • Minimal Crash
  • Clean head high & Provides great focus
  • Positive attitude towards things
  • Physical & Psychological Energy
  • Less/no urge to redose
  • Faster onset than oral, more is absorbed as we're skipping the liver


  • Personality swings (may make some aggressive, some may become more passive)
  • Decent come up period (30 minutes to peak)
  • Anorexia


  • Insomnia (it can be bad if you take a lot especially along with the crash)
  • Anorexia (I put this in both categories because some people like the fact that they don

t eat as much but remember to eat, it will make you feel a lot better if you haven t eaten)

  • Nausea (higher doses)
  • Stomach Pain (higher doses)
  • Headache (higher doses)
  • Lasts slightly less long than oral (Maybe 2 hours and a half, 2 hours 45)


Most effective short of actually shooting it up. Probably equivalent/anecdotal evidence says its close/maybe the same as an IM injection. Actually feels close to cocaine too. Woo! Note that as it is so well absorbed to make sure to cut your dose down. For the first time, cut it down to half of your regular nasal or oral dose or however yo take it, AT LEAST. Then maybe play around with it after that. Seriously, this shit hits a lot harder, faster, and longer. This is the most effective way short of IV. And its great.


  • Minimal Crash
  • Clean head high & Provides great focus
  • Positive attitude towards things
  • Physical & Psychological Energy
  • EUPHORIA, son, finally
  • Lasts as long as oral (3 hours ish)
  • Less/no urge to redose
  • Effects start in like 5-10 minutes, the rush is 10-20 minutes and its fucking great. Almost kind of like a coke rush.
  • Effects feel like nasal, but without the crash and duration
  • Even with all this greatness, like no urge to redose or anything. What. Up.


  • Personality swings (may make some aggressive, some may become more passive)
  • You have to put something up your butt and it doesn't hurt but you might be insecure about this.
  • Anorexia
  • You need to lay down for like 5-10 minutes afterwards on your stomach, and you need to be in private while you shove a lubed up oral syringe into your ass. This isn't terrible but its kind of obnoxious to have to go through.


  • Insomnia (it can be bad if you take a lot especially along with the crash)
  • Anorexia (I put this in both categories because some people like the fact that they don't eat as much but remember to eat, it will make you feel a lot better if you haven't eaten)
  • Nausea (higher doses)
  • Stomach Pain (higher doses)
  • Headache (higher doses)
  • If your bowels aren't completely empty (i only do this after i just took a shit and I'm positive that shit is clear), your shit will just absorb the drug and you wasted it. Sorry bro.


Should you choose to research this ROA, you may receive conflicting information about the danger of IV use of this drug. R-TMP instant release tablets are formulated with talc, which has caused extremely severe complications from IV use. The IR Focalin preparations do not have talc in them, as well as the 10mg not containing any dyes. That being said, I do not condone intravenous use of pills, especially not without proper filtration methods. This route has a bit of a rush, starting as soon as you start pushing the plunger down. The rush will last for about 5 minutes and peak into a 2-3 hour period of euphoria and strong stimulation. The comedown is not too awful as long as you take proper care of yourself i.e.drink enough water and maybe take some vit-c and a multivitamin. I generally start with 20mg for the initial dose(pretty high, if you are not experienced, start with 5mg), and then (this route will run out your script in a few hours if you do not have self control) I generally use 10mg boosters every 2 hours. Be extremely careful redosing. This drug stays around in your system much longer than most IV drugs and successive redosing can really mess you up.


  • Massive euphoria (Can't think of anything else to describe the feeling. All encompassing bliss)
  • Strong, clean stimulation
  • Negligible crash (If you don't go off and redose excessively)
  • Nice duration given the ROA
  • "It's like cocaine, but it lasts longer"
  • Seriously, the high is nearly indistinguishable and lasts 6 times as long.


  • Can be hard to control the urge to redose. It takes superhuman self control.
  • Emotional Blunting from the euphoria. You won't want to do anything but you, and others will see it
  • IV use carries a stigma, and these are pills too.


  • All the dangers of IV drug use, plus the fact that these are pills. Take every precaution to stay safe. "If in doubt, don't shoot"
  • Anorexia: you will not eat with this route. Stick to water until you can choke down some yogurt/applesauce
  • Anxiety: Don't do this when you have somewhere to be. It feels almost trippy and delirious and in public you won't want to make eye contact.
  • Blurred Vision, usually subsides after the rush
  • Insomnia (you can usually get to sleep with some melatonin or benadryl 3 hours after your last dose. maybe longer depending on redosing)
  • vvvv these overdose effects may be present (MILDLY), but if you know you are fine, you'll be fine.

Overdose Side Effects

You do not want this to happen so watch your dosage and stay safe.

  • Uncontrolled muscle movements (e.g., stiffness, twitching, shaking)
  • Hyperthermia
  • Tics
  • Edema of the feets/hands
  • Blurred Vision
  • Mental/Mood/Behavioral Changes (Happens during the comedown period frequently)
  • Hallucinations
  • Extreme Fatigue/Tiredness
  • Extreme Sweating
  • Shortness of breath
  • Fainting
  • Seizures
  • Confusion
  • Slurred Speech
  • Sever headaches (it can sometimes resemble migraines because they can be extremely painful)
  • Increased HPPD

-Rarest side effect: Death


(note: considering its around twice as potent as racemic mixtures of MPH, just cut your normal dose in half if you're familiar with it. It obviously shares tolerance with racemic mph, has cross tolerance with amphetamines, and has some cross tolerance with cocaine)


Low 5-10mg Medium 10-25mg High 25mg+

Snorted (Higher Tolerance):

Low 15-25mg Medium 20-40mg High 40-60mg+


Low 10mg Medium 20-30mg High 30-50mg+


Low 5-10mg Medium 10-25mg High 30-40mg


Low 5mg Medium 10mg High 20mg

See also: Methylphenidate Extraction

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