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DXM potentiation

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DXM potentiation is the process of making DXM act stronger and last longer. The main idea behind DXM potentiation is that DXM is broken down in the liver by the enzyme CYP2D6 and that slowing down this process will cause the DXM to stay in your system longer. The second idea is that DXM is broken down into DXO in the liver; DXM is weaker and more psychedelic while DXO is stronger and more stony. If your tolerance is up, not only are both chemicals weaker but more of the DXM will be converted to DXO before being broken down leading to less exciting trips you'll probably forget most of.

List of CYP2D6 inhibitors and substrates

Safety Warning

Note that using some CYP2D6 inhibitors (such as DPH and CPM) with DXM is very dangerous. Since they too are metabolized by the same enzyme they too are potentiated, not just the DXM. This means that the antihistamines (DPH/CPM) can cause *a lot* of health problems (i.e why you don't use ccc's) and also lead to a less psychedelic, more disoriented trip. For this reason it's best to use grapefruit juice as it will work not only more effectively but your trip will also be a lot more 'magical' (you dexers you know what I mean) than a DPH/CPM + DXM trip.

List of other drugs you might want to take

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