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February 5th, 2000 - A Night of Main Events

  • The local fire marshal notified CZW that the building was not up to code to run shows, forcing CZW to switch venues. When spectators arrived to the building there was a stack of fliers that gave directions to Champs Arena and a show which started three hours late.

March 18th, 2000 - X-Spelled

  • Ric Blade and TCK vs. Mercury and Low Ki should have been an excellent tag team match, but instead was a botch-fest. First TCK trips over Blade when trying to use him as a springboard over the top rope. Then, Low Ki attempts a moonsault off a ladder to the outside, however as he jumped the ladder moved from under him and he almost lands on his head on the ring apron. Ric Blade later attempts a leg drop off the top of a basketball hoop on to Mercury, who is laid out on a table below. Blade falls backwards off Mercury and the table, knocking himself out. As a result of this, referee Brian Logan attempts to finish the match by having TCK pin Low Ki. Logan counts three, even though Low Ki obviously kicked out at two. Assuming the changed finish to be some kind of screwjob against him, Low Ki loses the plot and starts having an in-ring tantrum. Nobody does anything about this initially, until finally a security guard goes in to the ring and picks Low Ki up in his arms like a child and carries him to the back. The Hit Squad attempt to get involved as well, arguing with security. Neither The Hit Squad or Low Ki are ever invited back to CZW.

June 25, 2000 - They Said It Couldn't Be Done

  • Scheduled to be CZW's first pay-per-view, it was to feature Big Japan Pro Wrestling wrestlers (whom CZW had a working relationship with at the time). The PPV was set to be headlined by Atsushi Onita &and Nobutaka Araya and Ichirou Yaguchi vs. Terry Funk and John Zandig and a mystery partner chosen by Terry Funk, in an exploding barbed wire match. The show was also to feature Lobo vs. a wrestler of Onita's choice in a "Freaks of Nature" match, it was to include four aquariums containing piranhas, alligators and snakes in each corner of the ring. rohnews' own Atticus was collecting the freaks of nature prior to the event. Like Onita's advertised match in ECW... It did not happen, like Onita's advertised match in XPW... It did not happen. CZW cancelled the PPV the week of the show. The event did take place featuring Lobo vs. Zandig in an exploding barbed wire match. Headlined by The Wifebeater and Nick Gage in the first ever 200 lightubes match. Ric Blade attempted a swanton off of a truck onto Trent Acid, who was lying flat on a single table. He completely over shot the table and landed straight on his tailbone. Within seconds he was on his feet and decided to throw some trash cans around. A video of the iconic botch can be found on youtube [ http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RCcEKldx09A ]. An advertised " Fans supply the weapons battle royale " was set to take place, with the participants including such grappling greats as NATASHA, Jessie Drive, and The Rockin' Rebel. The fans in attendance went above and beyond and supplied some very creative, and SICK, weapons for this match up. No weapons were used in this contest.

July 25th, 2000 - No Rules, No Limits

  • After a brutal Fans Bring the Weapons match with The Wifebeater and Nick Gage, Zandig hit The Wifebeater in the back with a Barbed Wire Bat, causing a cloud of smoke to set off the building's smoke alarm.

September 9, 2000 - Cage of Death 2

  • Much like every other CZW show of its time, this show started late. Since CZW carefully planned this, the show was outdoors in the afternoon. By the time the main event COD match started, the sun had gone down. Fans were asked, with all the politeness we have come to expect from CZW, to pull their cars up to the ring area and use their headlights to illuminate the show. Proving that even a blind squirrel will eventually find a nut, CZW's explosives actually worked! While running around the ring and carrying a bundle of light tubes Ed O'Mac tripped over a pile of brown chairs he couldn't see in the dark. The end result was a missed spot and a severely cut hand. Ed recieved medical attention consisting of a band-aid and a cold hot dog "for the swelling". Someone forgot the disk containing all the entrance themes so most themes that day were made up of what ever CD's Chad Shaft had in his '87 Lincoln Towncar, which would later help light the show. Pastor Jim and Johnny Kashmere got into a pre-show fight over Jon Dahmer being forced to job.


February 17, 2001 - Break on Thru

  • Balls Mahoney was set to face the Wifebeater in the main event. Mahoney's ego trip was cut short as he forecasted a heroes welcome. During his entrance he was met with chants of "Wifebeater!" and "CZW!" Bemused he finished the match and challenged the Wifebeater to a flaming tables match next month. At the end of the match Mahoney continued to attempt to put himself over proclaiming he was the king of flaming tables, which was met with chants of "Lobo!" Set to return he then requested more money to appear, Zandig refused.

March 10, 2001 - War At Station 44

  • During the tag team match between the Briscoe Brothers vs. Justice Pain and Nick Berk, Pain attempts a springboard maneuver to the outside. The first time he tries it, he slips backwards off the ropes. The second time, he misjudges the jump to the second set of ropes, catching his toes on them, causing him to tumble forwards headfirst onto the apron and then to the concrete floor, inches away from serious injury. The botch can be seen here [1].

June 8, 2001 - Take 1

  • CZW's first television taping featured a main even of the CZW originals Ric Blade, Nick Gage, Lobo and Justice Pain. The episode was supposed to end with Ric Blade and Nick Gage each leaping off opposite sides of Champs' backstop. Unfortunately Ric Blade broke his shin bone when his leg hit a chair after the jump. Before Nick Gage could jump the backstop actually broke and he nearly fell to the floor, catching onto the backstop at the last second. In an attempt to cover these issues Lobo suplexed Pain on a table, blowing out his knee in the process. In the end the only person to come out of the match without injury was Justice Pain.

July 7, 2001 - A New Beginning

  • The Wifebeater (champion) was set to face Justice Pain in an eagerly anticipated matchup at the time, John Zandig, Trent Acid and Nick Mondo watched from the entrance. Before the match could even start Johnny Kashmere ran into the ring and delivered a devastating baseball bat shot to the knee of the Wifebeater rendering him useless. Trent Acid joined Johnny Kashmere in the ring to assist Kashmere in the beat down, leading to the re-formation of the Backseat Boyz. Justice Pain then rolled up the Wifebeater for a three count to become the new Heavyweight champion. Zandig and Mondo along with the Wifebeater formed the 'Big Dealz' to set up the three-on-three H8 Club: Dead? Matchup, they then promptly exited the arena... Roll credits. An early case of a prominent CZW 'bait and switch.'

August 18, 2001 - Tables, Ladders, Violence

  • The main event saw Sick Nick Mondo repeatedly miss his trademark move the "Mondo Sledge" on a laid out Nick Gage who was positioned on an outside table. After several tries, and a bruised tailbone, the table would meet it's demise.

December 15, 2001 - Cage of Death 3

  • Doors are still closed HOURS after bell time, leaving a thousand plus fans outside in the freezing cold. People are angry and the gate is nearly broken down. No one comes outside to try to calm down the crowd. Upon doors finally opening, tickets are a mess. Everything is GA whether you paid 40 dollars or just walked in. Veteran message board posters such as dave and Sweet Nicky are in possession of pre-purchased tickets, but turned away since building is over-capacity (resourcefully bribing Atlas Security with $50 and able attend the show nonetheless). CZW is short on chairs and hours late. The Dub proceeds to put on 11 matches with 34 workers, refusing to cut the unnecessary parts of the show and causing all the fans to be there until 2 a.m. The show ends with a suicide attempt by the Sandman. Much to the chagrin of CZW Chairman John Zandig, he was unsuccessful in his attempts to fall 35 feet off the cage to his death. After the show John Zandig, angered at a highly intoxicated Sandman, gets into a verbal argument with Tod Gordon who, in the weeks leading up to the show, assured Zandig that Sandman would be straight. He was not. Justice Pain, upset by the Sandman ruining his big moment, nearly destroys the CZW Heavyweight Title after throwing it across the locker room. Sandman's wife falls into the hole in the ring that Sandman "cut" into the ring and climbed out of.


January 12, 2002 - Answering the Challenge

  • Bruno Sammartino was advertised to appear as a special guest at ringside and periodic in ring updates were made, unfortunately the final update announced that he had gotten lost on his way to the arena. To this day Bruno never managed to find his way to the arena.

March 9, 2002 - Out With The Old, In With The New

  • Fat Ruckus faced Jay Briscoe in a dragged out two-out-of-three falls match which would have been okay if it was ten minutes long (with entrances). The Midnight Outlawz then ran in after the second fall resulting a no-contest, prompting no "bullshit" or "boring" chants. *Intermission* Dennis Shock: "Fans, would you like to see the third fall of Ruckus and Jay Briscoe?" Fans: "NO!" Shock: "Do you wanna see them finish it?" Fans: "NOO!" Shock: (Again) Do you wanna see them finish it?! Fans: "NOOO!..." *...ceezeedubayou AAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRREEEEEEE YOOOOOOOUUUUUUUU READYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!?!?!?!?!?!!?* Accompanied by the CZW theme Ruckus and Jay return to the ring after intermission, they are then met with loud "we said no!" chants. In total the match was around thirty-seven lackluster minutes (without entrances).

September 14, 2002 - Ultraviolent Freedom of Expression

  • CM Punk lost a dreadful match that failed to meet all expectations to the CZW Heavyweight Champion, Justice Pain. Unfortunately, this would be the top of the mountain for CM Punk as the rest of his career would pale in comparison to this lone CZW appearance. Today his whereabouts are unknown.

December 13, 2002 - Cage of Death 4

  • Doors open on time. Just kidding. Doors open at least two hours late due to CZW constructing (and subsequently screwing up) the Cage of Death. The cage's explosives go off upon Lobo entering through the cage door. Blame would be placed on ginger announcer Dennis Shock, who would go on to deny that he had flipped the switch. Lobo would be thrown off the top of the cage to the mat below, the middle section of the ring was meant to collapse as a CZW staffer was under the ring pulling supports out during the match. Because nobody though to cut the ring apron Lobo did not fall through the ring and instead was left lying in a small indent. Due to many of the weapons not being allowed by the PSAC, CZW filmed the pre-match beat down on Zandig backstage, with intentions of showing it to the crowd on the big screen. A viable option until, as expected, the video was in poor quality to begin with, and then started to skip. After playing for twenty seconds the video stopped entirely. To remedy this, CZW Staff attempted to replay the video which still did not work. This resulted a bloodied Zandig coming out carrying a manila envelope, and the entire crowd having no idea why he was in such bad shape. Pre-match story line included Z-Barr double crossing Lobo. Forty seconds later Z-Barr double crossed John Zandig. Sixty seconds later John Zandig, who suspected Z-Barr would double cross him, revealed that Adam Flash was the one who double crossed Lobo into signing a contract. After the crowd let out the second collective "WTF?" of the night, the match started. Messiah defeats Justice Pain for the CZW World Heavyweight Championship in a great match. Unfortunately it was around one a.m. by the time the main event began and most of the crowd could care less.


February 8, 2003 - Uncivilized

  • The show began with a large brawl beneath a balcony between the Hi-V, the H8 Club, Nick Mondo and CZW security, ending with Ric Blade diving off of said balcony and somehow missing his intended target of ten to fifthteen people. A video of the dive can be found Here

May 10, 2003 - Then and Now

  • The event was promoted as the 10th year anniversary of wrestling in the CZW Arena. The event opened with a music video chronicling the last 10 years of wrestling in the building, featuring ECW and CZW the 10-minute-long video titled "Then & Now: A Decade of Defiance" was was available online in low quality for many years, a higher quality version recently leaked and is now available Here on Megavideo. Zandig stated that he had invited Tod Gordon and Paul Heyman to appear, noting that Gordon didn't want to show so "he didn't care" and that Heyman didn't return his calls so "he doesn't give a fuck about this place anymore." Zandig also said that he called Tommy Dreamer to make an appearance, Dreamer was unable to due to WWE commitments, but was honored he was asked. CZW did not invite anyone to attend the show until the last week prior. For the Fans Bring The Weapons main event between Messiah and Nate Hatred, three diehard CZW fans made weapons for a show for the first time. Only one gets brought out to the ring - a wooden cross with nails in it and "Messiah" written on it. Early in the match, with the cross propped in a corner, Messiah looks at the cross in disbelief as the three fans who made it stand on their chairs, popping that their weapon may actually be used. Messiah picks it up and promptly throws it out of the ring, never to be seen again.

June 14, 2003 - Truth or Consequences

  • A near riot occurred when IWA-MS wrestlers, Ian Rotten, Corporal Robinson and JC Bailey entered the ring. This resulted initially in trash bring thrown, which quickly progressed into steel chairs being used as projectiles. Luckily, one managed to hit Frank Talent in the head. Unluckily, he was not injured in the accident. After the riot, one of the police officers that took part in the riot angle got on the mic to announce that the police were looking for a fan who had a warrant for failing to make child support payments. A video of the incident can be found Here

Sept. 13, 2003 - Redefined

  • In September of 2003 (in what was ultimately a counter-productive attempt to increase attendance at live events), the John Zandig/Messiah Heavyweight Title Match was billed as a LIVE-ONLY MAIN EVENT that "you HAVE to be there to see" since (for the first time in pro wrestling history) a CZW Main Event would NOT be taped for any type of home video release. They then slapped those same ticket-buying fans directly in the face by not even having an actual match, instead running what would lead to be an incredibly controversial angle that saw Zandig attacked/suspended high above the ring via metal hooks legitimately hooked through the skin of his back (no work, for real). This was not only awkward and weird to see in person, but also poured salt directly into the wounds of those that bought a ticket specifically to see this massively hyped match (that was pretty much the Necro/Joe of the time). Dick-slapping those same fans in the face even further, the footage was then (of course) included on the DVD contrary to what the company had promoted. Many leading CZW history pundits point to this as a pivoting points in terms of overall fan sentiment and trust in the company.


March 6, 2004 - Overdrive

  • Zandig suffers concussion at the hands of Messiah after smashing his head on the ground when Messiah missed the table during a Sunset Flip-bomb from the apron to the outside. Teddy Hart (who had wrestled a spot fest with Petey Williams and Jack Evans earlier in the night) confronted Zandig post-match and proceeded to get the shit kicked out of him by a very loopy Zandig - the worst being giant gashes in the back of his head from a very awkward power bomb through a board of nail strips. Messiah sunset flip-bombs Zandig to the floor. Zandig was later yelled at by Teddy Hart's mother for slamming him onto a board of carpet strips.

April 3, 2004 - Retribution

  • In April of 2004, Rockin' Rebel and CZW referee Rob Hartog both took part in a boxing match generally considered the low-point of CZW history (as well as human existence itself). The "match" was over 174 hours long, some highlights include: Rick Feinburg attempting to serve as ring round card girl, but was knocked out by Hartog. Rebel "accidentally" punched "Doomsday" Danny Rose in the mouth, who spit out an unconvincingly-large mouthful of fake teeth that looked suspiciously like Tic-Tacs Rob Hartog pulled Rockin' Rebels trunks down and knocked him out but the bell rang to end the third round. In the fourth round, Rockin' Rebel bit Rob Hartog's ear (a la Mike Tyson) as the crowd chanted "End this Shit!" The fifth round saw Rob Hartog knock Rebel down with a series of extremely weak shots to the body The fans chanted louder to end the match, until Wifebeater and Nick Gage hit the ring and cleaned house for no evident reason Dan Maff eventually also came out and stood with Wifebeater and Nick Gage, again for no clear reason or motivation

June 12, 2004 - Trifecta Elimination 2

  • During the CZW Tag Title match between Blackout and the H8 Club, Robbie Merino goes backstage and returns driving an ATV. He stalls it. Following a brutal beatdown by the H8 club, Blackout take Nate Hatred over to the ATV, where Eddie Kingston and Maven Bentley spend ages loosely tying Hatred to the ATV. Once they finally have him tied to it, Merino sets off. He stalls again. Once he has restarted the ATV, he proceeds to drive backstage dragging Hatred with him, except the rope comes loose half way up the aisle, leaving Hatred behind. Back in the ring, Blackout hit a few moves on Nick Gage and pin him. The ref counts three and the bell rings despite Gage clearly kicking out at two. Ruckus repeats the spot and pins Gage for three, winning the titles and ending the botchfest.

July 10, 2004 - Best of the Best 4

  • During the show, a fan would venture outside to urinate in the CZW Arena parking lot, exposing his penis to a young girl who was attending a nearby block party. He would go on to tell her that his penis "tastes like candy". This would lead to lots of confusion later on as several people thought a wrestler competing on the event was the one who had exposed himself to the little girl. Some reports indicate that several people thought Zandig was the one who showed his penis when it turned out to be a big, creepy slob who was a fan that was a regular at shows. After Sonjay Dutt won the tournament, a commotion could be briefly seen on the DVD release where the fan in question was being arrested. Jack Evans and Wifebeater were also involved in an altercation with several people as a result of the confusion caused by people who thought Zandig flashed his penis to the little girl. The opening round match (and biggest draws of the show) of Homicide vs. Teddy Hart vs. Trent Acid never took place. The week prior, Teddy Hart was, for some reason, wearing his wrestling attire out at a local bar. Upon seeing him in his "flashy attire", several woman approached Hart and started up a conversation, buying Teddy drinks. Unbeknownst to Hart, these women's boyfriends were nearby, witnessing the whole situation go down, and proceeded to take Teddy out back, and beat the hell out of him, ripping his gear in the process. This is all true, according to Teddy himself, (or at least that's what he told several people) and sent Jack Evans in his place. Trent Acid also no-showed the tournament, for no apparent reason at all. Upon Zandig making the announcement that "Trent's not here, we tried calling him , went to his house, we tried calling his girlfriend he's not here" (and replacing him with Chris Cash) many fans in attendance began chanting " HE O.D.'ED HE O.D.'ED HE O.D.'ED"

July 24, 2004 - Tournament Of Death 3

  • The memes "NEFF BOOSHA" and "FUCKING RUCKUS BABY! RUCKUS!" are born in a pre show interview conducted by John House. SeXXXy Eddy defines his CZW career by squirting blood into the air from an open laceration in his forearm, eventually starting to spray his own blood into his mouth. SeXXXy Eddy's defining moment John House interviews fans waiting for the show

December 11, 2004 - Cage of Death 6

  • Mid-match a brawl between Sonjay Dutt and M-Dogg 20 spills over into the public restroom. M-Dogg throws Sonjay into a stall occupied by a fan, who shouts "HEY, you hit my fucking nuts."


June 11, 2005 - CZW/IWA Double Header

  • In between IWA-MS' "Something to Prove" and CZW's "Violent By Design," Pennsylvania state athletic commissioner Frank Talent's car was run into outside of the building, to which the line waiting for the doors to open responded to with chants of "OHMAHGAWD" and "You fucked up." After getting more heat than most matches in CZW, the woman driving the car decided to drive off without leaving her information, after numerous, random people in the line said it'd be totally cool. During the IWA-MS portion of the double header, IWA-MS commentator Dave Prazak would ask CM Punk if he would be attending the CZW portion of the double header. CM Punk promptly replies with a reasonable but emphatic "Fuck no!"

July 9, 2005 - High Stakes 3

  • After a brutally awesome Fans Bring the Weapons match featuring Justice Pain and Nick Gage vs. Necro Butcher and Toby Klein, the lights were set to go out, setting up the return of Nate Hatred. Well, the lights all went off, except for one, which lit the entire ring fine by itself, while the crowd heard grumblings from the eagles nest "How the fuck do we turn that light off?" Thirty seconds go by, the lights come back on, and Nate Hatred's music plays acting as nothing happened prior.

July 30, 2005 - Tournament Of Death 4

  • During the Battle Royal, battle royal participant BLOOD would be eliminated by taking a clothesline over the top rope and into a shopping cart. As a result his left arm would get cut up pretty bad and his left leg got messed up really bad. Post match footage on the DVD release would become one of the graphic scenes to ever be released on CZW home video. In a first round handicap match, Danzig took on Robbie Moreno and Eddie Kingston. The match broke down into your usual CZW cluster with run-ins by BLKOUT and the return of Joker. Then it happened. In what was easily the most unintentionally hilarious moment in CZW history, if not the entire sport of professional wrestling, Danzig went post to post by doing two "cartwheels" before grazing the dazed BLKOUT member's head with his feet and then awkwardly wrapping them around their head for a "head scissors takeover". Obviously, the crowd went insane and it was replayed numerous times on the SmartMark DVD release. In the tournament finals, Nick Gage suplexed John Zandig onto a bed of flaming glass propped between the guard rail and ring apron. Zandig sandbagged the suplex which caused Gage to slowly descend into the fire instead of smashing through it. Like a real genius, Nick Gage stayed put long enough for the fire to catch his t-shirt, and the rest is history. History that smells like burning human flesh. This tournament was originally suppose to be held at the ECW Arena, with hockey board type glass structures protecting the fans from the glass and other assorted plunder. As this was the ten year anniversary of the IWA KOTDM 1995, CZW chose to bring in the referee for the famous 1995 NRBW Cactus Jack vs. Terry Funk match, Gypsy Joe, to referee the finals of the tournament. Wearing an intelligently chosen wardrobe of yellow speedos and a ref shirt, Joe would proceed to wander the ring in a confused state for the entire match. Clearly having no comprehension of the finish, Zandig had to repeatedly remind Joe to not count to three. This failed miserably, and Joe counted to three multiple times throughout the contest. Post-show, Gypsy Joe would be seen wandering the venue with no pants on and his testicles exposed.

November 12, 2005 - Night of Infamy 4

  • The main event Tai Pai match had to be changed to have JC Bailey replace Justice Pain because nobody bothered to ask Pain if he was willing to work a Tai Pai match. To cover this a friend of Pain's was planted in the crowd and "attacked" Pain leading to Justice hitting him and being pulled out of the match.

December 10, 2005 - Cage Of Death 7

  • During a ten bell salute to the recently departed Eddie Guerrero, a drunken fan yells out "FUCK THAT" in the middle of the tribute, angering the fans in attendance and wrestlers in the ring. After that, CZW boss John Zandig gets on the mic and has the fan thrown out of the building. Video of the incident. Mike Pancoast got pushed down the stairs because he never learned life's most important lesson: Don't fuck with John Zandig. After the show Messiah had to force Super Dragon to go check on a concussed Ruckus, who had just been nice enough to drop the CZW Heavyweight Title to him.


April 15, 2006 - Any Questions?

  • Was advertised as having a main event of The Blackout vs. ROH stars (hinting at Homicide and The Rottweilers). Main event ended up being The Blackout vs. The H8 Club and the completely unknown debuting Canadian team of Christopher Bishop and Lionel Knight.

May 13, 2006 - Best of the Best 6

  • This was deemed as a CZW vs. ROH tournament, as the famous war between the two promotions was occurring at the time. Both companies had shows booked for the 13th of May, with CZW taking the afternoon slot in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and ROH taking the night cap in Edison New Jersey. CZW assured its skeptical fans for weeks prior that there would be adequate time to travel to ROH in New Jersey and that the show would not run long. CZW then put on one of the worst tournaments in wrestling history, as well as numerous non-tournament bouts just to screw over ROH and, unintentionally, the very fans who came to support CZW that day. After a while, many fans decided to leave before the show was over, and headed to Ring of Honor. At the Ring of Honor show that night, a CZW staff member was quoted as saying "what does it matter, they'll keep coming back every month". Also, the tournament was promoted as all matches being "TLC-legal." Then none of the tournament matches used any weapons, aside from the BOTB trophy.

July 29, 2006 - Tournament of Death 5

  • Backyard wrestlers George W. Baus and Joe Gacey debuted to face off in a "Chris Cash Scholarship" tryout match. Gacy lacked the grace of Baus and was seen struggling to remove his jumpsuit on the ring apron. Now with his jumpsuit wrapped around his ankles, Gacy continued to stumble during his attempted entrance through the ropes eventually forcing Baus to assist by pulling him into the ring. Baus' stardom surged after his victory over Gacy, but was ultimately defeated by WHACKS in his third and final CZW bout.

August 12, 2006 - Trapped

  • The entire card took place with the octagon Cage of Death surrounding the ring. Main event consisted of Fore fathers of CZW: Justice Pain, Nick Gage, and Eddie Kingston vs. The Canadians: Kevin Steen, LuFisto, Frankie The Mobster, and El Generico vs. Blackout: Ruckus, Sabian, Joker, and Robby Mireno in an "All Out War". During the "match", numerous turns occurred with both the wrestlers involved, and the crowd confused as to what was going on. During this match, Lufisto pins Kevin Steen, her own teammate, to become CZW Ironman Champion. Nick Gage uttered "Thanks... For BUYING MY SHIRT AND PUTTING MONEY IN MY POCKET" to the paying fans in attendance. This show marked the in ring return of The Wifebeater... For some reason.

September 9, 2006 - Expect The Unexpected

  • DVD release of this show features Eric Gargiulo and Nick Gage insulting fans, some quotes:
    • "See you later assholes! Hope you don't drive home safely, and I hope you don't buckle up."
    • "There really is no redeeming value to any single individual walking in and out of this building right now."
    • "You get a Smart Mark tape and get a RF tape. I bet you that Smart Mark tape is way better than that fuckin' gay ass shit."
    • "Let me tell you something Nick Gage, pussy STINKS."

October 14, 2006 - Last Team Standing

  • In a match against Drew Gulak and Andy Sumner, Nick Gage came to the ring with dinner he purchased from Burger King and happily ate his meal on the apron as the match was going on. One of his burgers was knocked into the crowd by Justice Pain during the match, infuriating a hungry Gage. The H8 Club was scheduled to face off against the Kings of Wrestling in the Tag Team tournament finals, but Pain announced that Nick Gage had left the building. His replacement was Human Tornado, who had already lost a match in the tournament and had no prior history with Pain. Once Pain realized this, he walked out halfway through the match.

October 15, 2006 - Fear

  • Held in a field that was hosting a small fair at the same time, a bloodied WHACKS was seen buying funnel cake after his match. Sabian loses to a table.

November 11, 2006 - Night of Infamy

  • The night of Claudio Castagnoli's final match in CZW. At the time, Castagnoli had signed a contract with WWE and was finishing up his independent wrestling obligations. Castagnoli was one half of the Tag Team Champions with Chris Hero, and rather than send off Castagnoli in a blaze of glory, CZW booked The Kings of Wrestling to lose the belts in what essentially became a handicapped match with Castagnoli facing off against Sabian and Robbie Mireno, who rarely wrestled at that point. Castagnoli was pinned and did not get a farewell speech. This development infuriated CZWFan HammerVA, who slapped a support beam and stormed out while pushing chairs and screaming "This is bullshit!" towards the ring. HammerVA swore he would never return to CZW again. HammerVA returned to CZW the next month and all was forgiven when he apologized to the support beam. After his WWE deal fell through, Castagnoli returned to many of the independent promotions he had previously participated in, but he has yet to have a match in CZW. The bout featuring Player Uno vs. Beef Wellington was commentated on by CZWFans.com poster "Big" Joe Lucia.

December 9th, 2006 - Cage of Death 8

  • Most notable for being the Cage of Death with the longest cage set up (one hour, forty-five minutes). Reason being that the structure was made almost entirely out of wood, so the assembly crew could not practice setting it up before hand. Another contributing factor to the elongated set up was that each part of the cage had to be assembled one at a time, piece by piece, using only one nail gun, and one set of "cage of death assembly instructions". These instructions were neatly hand written on the back of an Oregon diner placemat (100% truth). Around 1:30, with a restless crowd, the Cage of Death was finally ready to begin. What followed was one of the biggest series of botches and blunders since the main event of CZW: Take 1. Over the course of the next ten minutes (the shortest Cage Of Death to date), the live fans witnessed the original match of John Zandig vs. Lobo vs. Nick Gage, with the loser ending his career, some how get changed to include female pro wrestler LuFisto. This confused fans greatly, as LuFisto had absolutely zero connection, story line wise, to two out of the three competitors In the ring. The feud she had with Nick Gage, which was started just two months prior, and was forgotten about the very next month, was so hastily put together that it left many fans in attendance curious as to why she was interjecting herself into the cage match at all. Due to the cage being made almost entirely out of quickly assembled plywood, the structure was not that strong, and most certainly not sturdy enough to withstand the weight of the competitors bumps ( which weakened the cage with every bump). This, combined with the fact that he had gained fifty or so pounds since his last match-up, resulted in Lobo falling through the floor of the cage while walking on the outside wooden planks set up against the apron. Fans, upon seeing Lobo suddenly disappear out of the ring via the floor, were instantly confused when they saw him walking around the outside of the cage. The trouble would not end there for Lobo, as the cage door was assembled wrong, leading to a struggle to pull it open for a minute and a half before breaking the door open, with the help of security, and performing the matches final bump (a DVD off a scaffold onto a barbed wire net) and ending the career of John Zandig... Until three months later when he main evented a barbed wire match after Necro Butcher missed his flight) Show is also notable for Eddie Kingston breaking his ankle taking a back body drop.


January 13, 2007 - New Year, New Opportunities

  • CZW held a show on this date, but most people in the crowd were paying more attention to the Philadelphia Eagles-New Orleans Saints playoff game that was being shown on one of the Arena's walls. Before the show was over, the Eagles had lost, taking what little air was left out of a dead crowd. Nick Gage attempted to murder Jude and Eric Tuttle as he emerged victorious in a handicapped match against the two.

April 7, 2007 - Out With the Old, In With the New

  • John Zandig alerts the fans that CZW was "taking it back to '99, motherfuckers", further proving how blissfully unaware he was when it came to what fans of CZW wanted. Eddie Kingston and Chris Hero participate in one of the greatest CZW matches of all time. Kingston was asked to do a post match angle, but was infuriated with the idea that the blow-off to a feud would be ruined in typical CZW fashion. This lead to Kingston immediately leaving the ring, with Zandig getting on the mic to bury one of the most well liked workers in the company. In the end it turned out that both Kingston and Hero would leave CZW.

May 12, 2007 - Restore the Order

  • After his match with Ruckus, Niles Young confronts a group of fans that are heckling him and his rat, Noel Harlow. The fans taunt the two by calling Noel (who is wearing a headband attached with rat ears) a "rat," Niles reacts to this by headbutting the fan. Security later asks the fans to come backstage so Niles can apologize, Niles refuses as the fans state that they can "say whatever they want" and that "if you have a problem with people heckling your fiancĂ©; you shouldn't bring her out to the ring." Niles plays tough guy wrestler to the fans as the great Zandig moves him back. The bickering continues and Niles is thrown out of the hallway by a fuming Zandig, as Zandig turns and shakes the fans hands and says it won't happen again. Fan involved in the incident is now a CZW referee and overall schlep

August 7, 2007 - Dishonorable Conduct

  • CZW's absolute refusal to run an afternoon show and instead choosing to go head to head with Ring of Honor, splitting the possible crowd in half and alienating long time fans who went to the superior product. Advertising Homicide, who was at that point barred from working ROH, vs Ruckus for the CZW Heavyweight title, and then turning it into a tag match. Yet another CZW special bait and switch.


February 9, 2008 - 9 F'n Years

  • During an epic encounter with WHACKS, DJ Hyde proceeds to break a table by simply laying on it. The taping of The Wrestler took place at this show. The takes took ALOT out of the live crowd, resulting in many fans being un-cooperating with the directors, and shitting on most matches. During the filming of the scene including Necro Butcher and Mickey Rourke, things got so bad that fans started to leave in droves, Only to be told that if they stayed " there would be a big surprise, but we can't tell you what it is now" The "surprise" ended up being a Javierre run-in.

May 17, 2008 - Tournament of Death 7

  • DJ Hyde and Andy Sumner engage in a classic battle, taking their brawling all the way to the roof of Bulldozer's Saloon. Upon reaching the roof to do battle, DJ Hyde slips in a puddle, through several tables below. Hilarity ensues. Video of the fall Both hyped 1st round bouts - Drake Younger vs Nick Gage and Necro Butcher vs Danny Havoc, being bait and switched, the first into a tag team match, and the second into Danny Havoc vs the Necro Butcher's stunt double. Pinkie Sanchez, Greg Excellent, and Danny Demanto have their respective tournament bouts go off without a hitch.

August 10, 2008 - Violence in Vineland

  • CZW fans... for those wondering... Rain or Shine... today's show... "VIOLENCE IN VINELAND" will go on as scheduled. Show was canceled due to rain.

August 14, 2008 - MBA At Kashmirs

  • CZW once again tops themselves in the "totally pathetic" category as this show sees the debut of "Team Lethal Wepa", a playoff of a group of CZWFans posters who enjoyed playing First Person Shooters together on the Xbox 360 console. Both members, specifically Pinkie Sanchez, were wished major injury upon and this minor gaff will never be forgetten.

December 13, 2008 - Cage of Death 10

  • Between smeezing in the parking lot and waiting in line, nearly every person in attendance for Cage of Death had backhandedly found out about the planned cage explosion. Most of this information was exposed by Brett Lauderdale, a rogue CZW referee simply looking for approval from his peers that he will never find. Following, as should be expected, a largely awful and senseless show, the demonic cage structure was built, and it was ten stories tall if it was a foot. Due to the normal poor planning and blamed on the Necro Butcher, this match was largely thrown together with the sole intention of violence, and exhibited no effort to wrap up a storyline. With 5 men atop the cage, 2 people were suplexed onto the chain-link roof cage, triggering the single worst explosion in the history of professional wrestling. Made the IWA KOTDM 1995 explosion look like Hiroshima, leaving Zandig visibly angry and confused. dan has a cardiac event from laughing so hard at this much hyped up explosion. Match ends with John Zandig inexplicably grabbing the prize money, and subsequently handed it out to the competitors in the match. Not a single person in attendance had any idea how or why this match ended.


June 06, 2009 - Tournament of Death 8

During the finals of an otherwise excellent ToD, the favorite, Nick F'n Gage is badly injured when his opponent Thumbtack Jack attempts to throw him through the ropes, which have light tubes hanging down from them. Gage falls on to a busted tube and cuts his arm severely, losing a lot of blood. Gage is eventually airlifted to a nearby hospital. Thumbtack jack is left alone and confused in the ring, until Jon Moxley comes out to save the show. He is soon joined by the rest of the locker room and ToD ends with Zandig (who wasn't even in the tournament) throwing DJ Hyde (who lost to Thumbtack Jack in the 1st round) through a barbed wire/light tube structure on the outside and pinning him. Realising the foolishness of putting himself over, Zandig quickly changes his mind and announces Jack as the winner.

June 13, 2009 - Best of the Best 9

Thumbtack Jack surprisingly won Tournament of Death 8 the previous week. So surprisingly that he would be unable to get the trophy home to Germany by plane. A fatal four way match is set up to decide the "real" winner of ToD. DJ Hyde defeats Thumbtack Jack, Jon Moxley & Danny Havoc. So despite losing to TJ in the first round a week earlier, DJ Hyde is crowned Tournament of Death 8 champion. An accolade still officially recognized in CZW history to this day, despite the stupidity of it all.

August 08, 2009 - The 9/11 of CZW

  • John Zandig announces the sale of CZW to DJ Hyde for approximately 1 million Stanley Nickels. DJ promptly crashes and burns.


October 16, 2010 - Deja Vu 5

  • CZW failed to produce a PA system for the show, which resulted in Larry Legend shouting introductions to the 70 or so fans in attendance. Entrance music was played on a CD player located in the concession stand and was barely audible. Niles Young made his triumphant return to CZW, losing to Devon Moore in an unannounced "bonus" match. The encrypted title of the Deja Vu 5 DVD is "SUGESS", DJ Hyde's way of spelling the word "success".

December 11, 2010 - Cage of Death 12

Regarded as a pretty good show by those in attendance, everyone looking forward to the DVD release was left disappointed, as usual, upon realization that after 12 years in business this was the worst produced CZW dvd of all time. The most anticipated match on the show, Nick Gage vs. Yuko Miyamoto, was ruined by a noticeable audio lag due to a clearly incompetent producer. As of now, Nick Gage, legend of the Combat Zone, has an entirely unwatchable final match due to this massive fuck up. Featured one of the most slow paced Cage of Death matches to date. DJ Hyde managed to somehow meld the worst ideas from both the suspended Cage of Dead and the wooden Cage of Death into an entirely undesirable structure that blocked out the view for many paying fans in attendance.


January 7, 2011 - From Small Beginnings Comes Great Things

After turning heel by giving his mother a Tiger Driver at Cage of Death 12, Greg Excellent was confronted by DJ Hyde in the ring where the two had a promo segment. The segment would begin with DJ asking Greg to explain himself. Greg would go on to cut a worked shoot promo on DJ that very few people in the crowd reacted to, and the ones who did ended up cheering Greg Excellent, who was supposed to be the heel in this segment, after he ripped DJ apart on the mic for five minutes. DJ's only response was him saying he would kick Greg's ass next month in the most monotone voice one could have after getting ripped to shreds. Drew Gulak came out dressed as Nick Gage, offending several members of the audience and causing them to turn their backs to the ring and hold up a middle finger as Gulak cut a promo where he mocked Gage. This would have been great if Gulak didn't overstay his welcome and dragged the segment out longer than it needed to be. The DVD release of this event ends with the commentary guys putting over the show heavily. Their efforts to make the event seem like it was an amazing show are ruined after several fans in attendance (at least the ones who didn't leave the show already) chanted for refunds. Then the closing moment of the DVD comes when a fan loudly yells "IS THAT IT?!" as soon as the show ends.

February 12, 2011 - TWELVE

During the weeks leading up to the 12th anniversary show, CZW advertised a third match between B-Boy and Drake Younger. About a week before the event was set to take place, BigRum broke the news that B-Boy would not be attending the event because of flight issues that had come up. Despite this news being made public, DJ Hyde and CZW continued to advertise B-Boy until a few days before the event where it was announced that DJ would be addressing the situation. At the event, DJ came out and announced that B-Boy had his flight paid for and that B-Boy just didn't feel like showing up. dan would go on to create a thread to talk about the issue and call out DJ for being the lying fuck that he is. Also on the show, DJ had another shoot promo war with Greg Excellent. Nobody cared, again.

April 9, 2011 - Best Of The Best 10

  • In the months leading up to this event, DJ Hyde made many attempts to book big name talents for the event, but many either turned him down, raised their booking fee on him, or told him to fuck off. On February 7, 2011 it was revealed in the CZWFans chatroom that Brandon Gatson, Jonathan Gresham, and one of the members of a tag team would be competing in the tournament before an announcement could be made by CZW.

November 5, 2011 - Deja Vu 6

  • During the NRBW main event, MASADA pinned Danny Havoc after a brutal move. Brett Lauderdale stopped counting, claiming Havoc had kicked out. MASADA continued pinning Havoc for a few seconds, until angrily giving another move to Havoc and pinned him for real.
  • After the match, MASADA hurled Lauderdale into the barbed wire ropes. The fans cheered.

December 3rd, 2011 - Cage of Death XIII

  • CZW built up Men's Club USA for several months via YouTube and in-ring promos. The blow-off was Niles Young being chased by Dino during COD XIII. COD attracts a larger crowd than usual made up of casual/non-hardcore fans who don't watch the rest of the shows, so most in the crowd had no idea what this meant. The commentators remarked well that went down like a queef in Church


February 11th, 2012 - 13th Anniversary Show

  • A carpet strip deathmatch took place between Danny Havoc and Rory Mondo, despite the fact that the venue had strict rules against blood.
  • The 3-way #1 "Conterdership" match ended in a draw when two of the three men pinned eachother. The odd man out (Masada) lost despite being the only man not pinned in the match.

April 14th, 2012 - Best of the Best XI

  • With a knee injury keeping Uhaa Nation out of the ring after his announced participation, Greg Excellent is deemed one of the best of the best.
  • An advertised DJ Hyde vs. Matt Tremont match is bait-and-switched into Matt Tremont vs. some British guy nobody in the crowd had heard of, just so DJ can book himself into the main event of Tangled Web later in the year.

July 14th, 2012 - New Heights

  • After an Ironman match between Sami Callihan and Drake Younger which ended in Callihan winning the title, CZW takes a page out of the 1999 WCW playbook and has AR Fox (a face), who had challenged for the World Heavyweight Championship earlier in the night, come out and cash in a title shot he got at Best of the Best that nobody in the crowd remembered, beating Callihan (a heel) in seconds. Then, Dave Crist hits the ring, and he and Callihan beat up on AR Fox, until Jake Crist, who had been embroiled in an intense rivalry with Dave for the past 8 months, runs in to seemingly make the save, only to turn heel for no reason and join forces with his brother again. After 8 months of constant DQ finishes, Dave stealing Jake's wife, and post-match beatdowns, this is how the Crist brothers rivalry blows off.
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